• • Harbanshram Bhagwandas has completed glorious 133 years of manufacturing and distribution of quality ayurvedic medicines at competitive and affordable prices to the consumers.
  • • Established in 1881 under the guidance of Shri Harbanshrama entrepreneur bent of mind person in that era. His vision is clearly shown in the continuous expansion of Rahat Rooh Medicated Oil in these many years.
  • • Rahat Rooh has become the synonym of immediate Pain Cure in more than 12 types of dreaded pain which a human being goes through. This has a proven track record. And hence it remains an effective oil of trust for millions of people.
  • • The company has won many awards and recognition.
  • • Gold medal from Indian Aushdhalaya
  • • The company has opened up a new packaging unit in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand which is completely automated.
  • • The company has more than 3500 dealers across India and more than 50000 retailers.
  • The products have shown a trusted mark across the globe and hence has started exports.
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