Manufacturing Operation

Harbanshram Bhagwandas is one of the fastest growing Ayurveda-focused, health, beauty and personal care product companies in the country today. Being in the field of manufacturing of health, beauty and personal care products for over 133 years speaks volume of our efforts of a team of committed and competent personnel. We strive for continual improvement in our quality performances by regularly upgrading and updating newer technologies in production and manufacturing so that a sound product reaches our trusted customers.

The plant has SINGLE –GO Operation which means right from beginning it is untouched by human hand. The various automated plants are that of Material Handling / Parts Loading Unload/ Sorting/ Testing/ Assembly/ Filling/ Gluing/ Labelling/ Packing/Insertion and Inspection.

For this we have an entire automated plant and machinery which gives the following benefits :

  • • Increased throughput or productivity.
  • • Improved quality or increased predictability of quality.
  • • Improved robustness (consistency), of processes or product.
  • • Reduces cycle time.
  • • Highest degree of accuracy is reached and keeps the products lasting benefits safe.
  • • This also helps reducing in tasks that involve hard physical or monotonous work.
  • • The performing tasks that are beyond human capabilities of size, weight, speed, endurance is done very efficiently.
  • • Work handling has become very efficient.
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