Life’s at HBASPL

The founder of “Harbansh Ram Bhagwandas Das Ayurvedic Association” Ch. Harbansh Ram was born in Jaunpur, UP In 1865. By the urge to succeed he came to Gorakhpur, a small town in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh in India and resided in Urdu Bazaar locality.

Upbeat and enthusiastic approach which he possessed, he was joined by his nephew Shri Bhagwandas Das as his assistant in business. Shri Harbansh Ram was inspired by his hard work and dedication and reestablished the business and named as “Harbansh Ram Bhagwandas Das Ayurvedic association”. Thus the family led business grew multifold.

A very interesting anecdote of their start up business is attached. There was a tradition of smoking “Hukka” a major ingredient of which was wet tobacco. Using his creativity and farsightedness he added flavor of Kesar, Kasturi, Chandi work to tobacco creating a new fragrance and blend of tobacco which gained popularity in distant corners of the country. The product was coined as ‘Shahi Khamir Tobacco’ This was considered as the first stepping stone of success. Not only common or landlords, royals of the country but lords of countries like Nepal & Burma were also highly influenced.

Thus the urge to succeed and benefit the masses, the company developed themselves to Ayurvedic multifunctional medicines using the easily available but effective herbs like Kimam, GulabJal, Kewara etc. Within short span of time the range of products rose more than 30-32 andwas known as a household name. The products became the synonym of purity and quality. The product started to live on.

In the year 1881 by his experience he came up with the most trusted product “Rahat Rooh Oil” using herbs and Sesame oil. This oil is not only used as hair oil but also very beneficial for scalp, headache and other common problems. It was proven as a remedy for almost all types of body aches. Due to its uniqueness in the ingredients it became very popular in more than 12 types of pain including, headache, ear and body ache.

The vision of the entrepreneur “Road to the stars is not easy”, but the honesty towards the products helped them to reach dizzying heights of success.

Then came the golden era under the able guidance of the second generation headed by Shri Bhagwati Prasad Chaudhary (1919-1983). A fearless, enthusiastic, courageous and social to the core he carried the business on his shoulders with great flamboyancy and diligence. Though his ideology was to be satisfied with minimum possible yet it never shown in his character when it came to business.

After the demise of B.P Chaudhary both of his son Pankaj Chaudhary and Pradeep Chaudhary born with dedication, vision and common sense continuously reached new set of heights. Not limited to interstate distribution in UP it gained much popularity in other states.

To maintain supply as per owner’s convenience a packaging unit was established in Noida and considering the production and demand in 2006, a successful manufacturing unit was established at Rudrapur in beautiful state of Uttarakhand.

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