Founders Message

For as long as I can remember, I have lived in the world of healthcare. Many members of my family, and even more of my friends and the coming generation will or have worked in the field of healthcare and Ayurveda concept. I believe that all my life even if I work nonstop the contribution to give our country a disease-free nation will take few births.

It dawned on me at a very early age that, at the most basic level, medicine is about people working with other people to care for people. Healthcare is a human endeavor. And humans are social beings that rely on one another. And holding this reliance together is the ability to communicate with one another to work together for a common purpose.

Communication through products between and among healthcare providers connects people in real-time and establishes a benchmark of consistency and belief.

The time has come to empower today’s manufacturer with effective communication and sound product line. The health and healing should be smarter, faster, and better.

Our perception of health is changing dramatically. In the past, health was a state of ‘no ailment and illnesses. But today it is defined holistically and is a function of lifestyle, diet, fitness, physical, emotional and even spiritual well-being. The consumer is looking for a health and wellness quotient in each aspect of his or her life and this is a deciding factor influencing consumer choice. This is from the food they eat to, where they live to the products they use. This preoccupation with wellness is especially witnessed within the personal care space, where health and beauty are now coming together.

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